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Pins, needles and wire based products

Pins, needles and wire based productsWe produce pins, needles, plugs and other fine parts made of wire for all industries such as medical, textile, plastic, glassmaking, chemical, food, consumer industry etc.

Production operations: wire flattening, points grinding, pressing, reducing, bending, hardening, tumbling, polishing and other kinds of surface finishing.


Designs of the needles

Designs of the needles


Dimensions of the needles

Dimension mm Inch
Diameter 0.20 – 4.00 0.007 87 – 0.157 4
Length 2.50 – 300 0.098 42 – 11.811


carbon steel, tool steel, stainless steel, spring steel, brass, copper


ground, polished, zinc-coated, nickel-coated

Field of application

e.g. drawing compasses, drumming hooks, combs, awls, perforating needles, engraving needles, contact needles, threading needles, plugs, ...


Precise requirements of the customer are applied by us as per drawing documentation or sample. Our goal is to achieve reliability, high quality and customer’s satisfaction.